Angus Continues Single-step Testing

By Crystal Albers   |   Angus Media

Angus Genetics, Inc. (AGI) continues to test single-step genetic evaluation, the method the company plans to soon implement in order to calculate American Angus Association weekly expected progeny differences (EPDs).

This is an ongoing effort and the top priority for AGI. Therefore, the Association plans to move to this updated statistical model only after thorough internal measures are complete. AGI will continue to fine-tune the required software to ensure the procedures used for implementation offer the utmost accuracy and valuation for members.

Meanwhile, the Association will rely on the current Angus genetic evaluation based on the latest calibration released earlier this year, which is the largest and most accurate beef genomic calibration ever conducted in the global beef cattle industry.

While AGI continues to refine the single-step methodology for targeted implementation in spring 2017, Angus breeders can be confident the current evaluation provides the most accurate, comprehensive values available. The integrity of the data is and will continue to be the foremost consideration.

Learn more about single-step evaluation on the AGI website.

Visit to learn more about single-step genetic evaluation or contact AGI at 816-383-5100 with any questions.