Trend Setters

By Dan Green   |   Angus Talk

Along America's Angus Trails is glad to find out that ranchers and their families have long been in the vanguard of yet another hot societal trend — DIY. Do It Yourself.

I mean, gosh, that's just the way we've always done it. Out of necessity, if nothing else, when you're 40 miles or so, from the nearest town with a general store or Wal-Mart or something.But let the modern hip intelligensia get a hold of it, and suddenly a new trend is born, one that accidentally puts us in the forefront. No longer use that mass-manufactured, shipped-in factory made stuff, when you could DIY it.

Most people groan at ranch chores and other busywork, embracing time-saving devices and products. Then there are those who deliberately increase their workloads by making their own household staples.

Hard as it is for me to believe that anyone would actually do this, but there are people out there who are making their own laundry detergent, bathroom cleaners, dryer sheets, dishwasher soap, window spray, toothpaste, teeth whitener, deodorant, mascara and tanning oil.

I can't conceive of doing this myself, but if this has caught your fancy, you can get online and google a site like Wellness Mama, Good Girl Gone Green or Bren Did, and get the recipes. Just suffice it to say, that these homemade concoctions require long hours of measuring, stirring, mixing and cooking.

No, not me. I won't ever be like Stephanie Moram's husband J.P., who stirs up his own shaving lotion from ingredients including oils of coconut, eucalyptus and black spruce. It smells super manly, she says. Me? I buy my Bay Rum online in gallon jugs. I've got two spares sitting in my bathroom closet right now.

You see, nothing makes me fly into a major rage at 4 a.m. faster, than when I step out of the shower and find that I've run out of Q-tips, toothpaste, vitamins or shaving lotion. I buy the stuff five or six packages at a time, just so I don't run out.

When I check out of this life, and my kids or somebody comes to clean out the El Rancho Not So Grande for its next lucky occupant, assuming it hasn't sunk into the abyss by then, will discover my huge inventory of toiletries, trash bags, laundry soap, paper and canned goods — and wonder what kind of nut lived there.

But that'll still beat having them wonder what all those weird, cloudy, congealed liquids are in the re-used pickle jars and wine bottles, strewn around my bathroom, washer, kitchen and back porch — that evidently, he made himself. That might cause them to call in the Haz Mat team.

Actually, they might do that anyway.

Editor’s Note: Commentary provided by Dan Green, author and historian. Opinions and thoughts are his own. You can hear more from Dan Green at 10 a.m. CST each Saturday on Angus Talk, the American Angus Association’s weekly radio program on Sirius XM’s Rural Radio, Channel 147.